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About Our Machines

All of the Motor City Irons machines are handmade BY a tattoo artist FOR tattoo artists! We sell to licensed professional tattooers only!

We use only the finest available materials. Each machine is hand fabricated (no milling or cnc parts) and either brazed or welded construction. Everything is hand cut, hand filed, hand sanded & hand polished making each machine truly a "one of a kind". Our frames are made of 360 brass, 1018 cold rolled steel, mokume gane (a beautiful layered combination of copper/brass/nickel silver), damascus steel (layered patterned steel), or meteorite (the purest iron on earth). Each component on every machine is made specifically for that particular machine. Many of our machines feature exotic wood overlays and accents using some of the most beautiful burl, spalted & flamed woods found on earth.

All of the components are handmade (excluding coil cores, capacitors, screws & washers).
Handmade hand turned brass, steel or mokume gane posts. Handmade armature bars and yokes. Hand wound coils using the finest magnetic wire available.

We pay attention to every detail on each machine we build. The wires are all soldered using silver solder, and then heat shrink wrapped for protection. All of the edges on the lower portion of the frame are rolled, so there's no corners or rough edges to irritate your hands while working. Our brass frames are available highly polished, matte finished, or antique patinaed. Steel frames are hot oil treated black, or heat colored to a beautiful purple/blue coloring, then treated with Renaissance Wax for protection. As with a fine firearm, steel frames will need oiled occasionally to prevent rusting. Brass will naturally patina over time, so they need polishing if you want them to shine!

We do a variety of classic frame designs as well as custom one-offs, themed machines, and rebuilds.

Machines can be ordered as liners, shaders, grey wash, color packers, or color blenders. We can also setup a machine to your exact specifications: speed & duty, stroke length, hard or soft hitter, weight, etc.. We can also do any of our machines as bareknuckle, or all the way full blown exotics depending on your tastes and budget. And we do left handed machines as well, which helps distribute the weight of the machine over your hand a bit better for lefties.

Each machine is hand signed, numbered and dated.

All of our machines come with a lifetime guarantee (excluding springs) provided no major alterations have been made to the machine. If it ever gives you any problems, simply return it to be repaired.

Our machines are built to be quality daily runners while still upholding the artistic edge and uniqueness our machines have become known for.

Many top artists worldwide are using Dano's machines. Try one, and we're sure you'll be satisfied.